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This interview has been a long time coming to say the least. I’ve been a huge fan on this rapper for a minute, and after a few back and forths I finally managed to catch up with young Dally Auston of the SAVEMONEY crew. It still remains a mystery to me why he hasn’t popped off some more, his projects “The Wood” and “Westside EP” are absolute bangers, from the beat selection, the rhymes, all the way to the visuals. Here’s how our chat went down.

First off, what really sparked you to start rapping and how did you go about recording your first song?

It started in my sophmore/jr year in High school… my first song was recorded by my cousin in law. When I found out he had a studio, I used it to my advantage and it sparked my love for recording music. I would write all the time with no access to a studio so I couldn’t hear myself. Once I found that, I knew I could do more with it.

Your mixtape “The Wood” was one of my favourite projects of last year, with bangers like “W$GTM” amongst others… Your boy Smoko Ono had quite a few tracks on there, but I wanted to know who produced the beats for “Taxi Shit” and “99 cent” if you don’t mind saying. Those are the jams.

(laughs) Love! “Taxi Shit” was a track I had previously recorded before working on “The Wood“. It was a “Skibeatz ft. Mos Def & Whosane” jam , it was ill as shit! I jus had to! And the “99 Cent” beat was actually given to me by Alex Wiley when we went to College together for a second, and I jus’ kept it. So now you know! (laughs)

Alex Wiley is killing it right now. Plans to collaborate with him more?

At the minute I’m not too sure. Alex Wiley is definitely doing his thing as well as many other artist in the city. When the time right I can see that collab happening.

It feels like with your “Westside” EP you wanted to strip things back and let the music speak for itself, with no skits or interludes, one feature, and a much more crafted feel to the instrumentals and your flows. What was the evolution from one project to the other?

I’ve been evolving as an artist with every project… I jus want it to flow outta’ me. With “Roses” being my next real project, I wanted to jus’ create something in between, and that’s how I released “Westside EP“.

What influences you to make music?

Everything at this point. My influences grew even more over the years. From what I hear to what I see, it’s everything from my fans to my friends, to what I may catch on TV. 

You keep yourself busy besides from the whole rap thing, with modelling stints, and a strong artistic background. Are those routes you are looking into as a career? Any other your passions you would want to pursue?

Right now music is the focus. Currently working on more stuff to give to the world. Got a lot of ideas. Jus’ anticipating the unveiling!

What’s your goal when writing/recording a track?

To get my point across and to make u like the way I rap. Music is supposedto inspire. I wanna get people high. I want people to feel good.

How did you come to affiliate yourself with the Savemoney crew and how did that all start off?

We came together like magic… point blank. Kids These Days was the spark of the SAVEMONEY movement. We jus’ brothers!

And what’s cooking for you guys? Any projects dropping soon?

Next for SAVEMONEY is just us working and letting our work define itself. From Kene, Joey, Fresco to Sterling. We coming!

Describe your music in 5 words.

Raw. Real. Fun. Cool. Honest.

Who are some rappers your digging right now?

I can say anybody in SAVEMONEY but outside of that I really enjoy Saba, Mick Jenkins, and I love me some No Name Gipsy. Jus’ really want an album out of her!

What’s next for Dally Auston?

Workin’ on my next project “Roses”, it’s gonna get a little artsy and fun with the visuals to the singles. This time around people will know Dally Auston a little bit more…


Much love to Dally for taking the time to chat to us, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on his latest developments on TwitterSoundcloud and Instagram. Peace.

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