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Esta is a prolific young producer from San Diego and core member of LA based label and fine beat connoisseurs Soulection. We really dug his crisp, laid back style of production, especially in his latest “Throwback Beats” tape; so I reached out to the young beatsmith for a little chat. Here are the fruits of our conversation.

How did making beats/producing start for you? 

Growing up I was always surrounded by music and wanted to be a DJ but I definitely never thought about creating music. It all started when one of my good friends showed me FL Studio when I was chillin’ at his house and the rest is history! 

What are your major musical influences? 

Too many to name, but the ones that constantly influence me are probably Just Blaze, The Neptunes, Timbaland, M-Phazes, Battlecat, and of course Dilla. 

Describe your music in 5 words? 

Probably cinematic, sexy, free, energetic, and..umm..versatile? 

How did you first link up with Soulection? 

I had a beat showcase in Temecula, CA and Andre Power, who is Co-founder of Soulection, was there and about a month later Joe Kay reached out to me and its been all uphill from there. 

What inspires you to make a beat? 

Nowadays my experiences inspire me the most. 

If you had to choose one track for someone to hear that has never come across your stuff. Which one would it be, and why? 

I honestly wouldn’t know. I would just choose random. I’m pretty self conscious about my music.

Dream collaboration? 

I would love to work with anyone over at Good Music or TDE at the moment. Those crews are killing it right now. 

What does the future hold for Esta? 

An official album and my first tour: The Paradise Tour (more details below). 


Final words? 

Thanks for reaching out to me and showing love! It’s gonna be a great year.

Make sure you catch Esta live during his Paradise Tour, which kicks off this Friday in San Francisco! For the full listing of dates click here my young Wizard.

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