I.AM.L – Interview

i.am.l interview

I first fell upon the anthemic sounds of young I.AM.L a little while back – and like the rest of the blogosphere – was truly in awe at the quality of her very first musical efforts under this new musical moniker.

Only two tracks into her career, she has been gaining a lot of attention and rightly so, and even though they are marked as “demos”, these two efforts are well past that title. So I decided to catch up with her for a quick chat, and here’s how it went down…

Hey L, so first off, how and when did you get into playing music?

Well, I grew up in a little village, near Cork, that had tons of Irish trad. sessions and I’m from a very musical family so music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve always loved singing…when I was little, I used to steal my dad’s Dictaphone and record myself singing so when he was away with work he’d have an interesting surprise during his meetings!

While we’re on the subject of family, I read your debut track “Lionheart” was inspired and dedicated to your grandmother, could you tell us a bit more about that, and how the song came about?

Kitty was a huge part of my life – she was an incredibly strong woman with a heart of gold and a smile for everyone she met… She loved music and I wanted her to know how much of an influence she was for me so I wrote “Lionheart“. I actually came up with it on the train back from the studio. I might have scared a few of my fellow passengers that day by singing the chorus out loud without realising…!


The reception of that track has been phenomenal, and I’m guessing you’ve got labels courting you left, right and centre. How are you planning on moving forward with regards to putting out your music?

All I can say is it’s been a very crazy and exciting few months! It’s great to have such wonderful support and to be able to work with some amazing people. I’m so happy people have enjoyed listening to it and now my new track “Lonely In Paradise”… I’m really looking forward to the future and sharing more of my music with the world.

How did this new jam “Lonely In Paradise” come about then?

I was in a dark place that day and I couldn’t get out of it … so I wrote a song about it to help me create a positive out of the negative!


What inspires you to make music?

The crazy things we call life and love.

And another cheesy little question… who are some of your influences?

I’ll try my best to keep it short or we could be here for a few days…. Kate Bush, Enya, Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan.

So I’ve heard you’ve been collaborating with “some of the UK’s best producers”, sounds exciting! Care to expand on this a little?

I have indeed… all will be revealed in time… so you’ll have to wait and see!

Could you describe your music in 5 words?

Emotive, powerful, dramatic, dark & cinematic.

If you could be a cartoon character, who would it be?

How about a wizard instead?! DUMBLEDORE.


I like that. Shoutouts Merlin. So what’s next for I.AM.L?

In the next few months, I’ll be taking my music to the stage for some very exciting gigs – I’m having the best time writing in the studio…but performing live is magical.

Any final words?

Thanks a million for chatting to me – I’m so excited for what’s to come and thank you for your support – loving your blog!!

Much love to I.AM.L for taking the time to chat to us, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming musical endeavours, as they promise to be quite exciting.

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