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If you’ve been following the blog for a little while now, you will now we truly appreciate a good beatsmith. And it seems that of late, amongst the floury of Soulection rip offs, not many people are keeping it 100. Don’t get me wrong, there is a vast array of fresh sounding stuff out there, but as with many things becoming more accessible, there is also a lot of shit.

This kid is definitely as real as they come… young 8TM, coming straight outa’ Paris. His Dirty South influenced, syzurp sippin’ productions have gained some heat of late and he is most definitely on the come up. So I caught up with him for a quick chat and here’s how it went down.

So first off, where does the name 8TM come from?

I was drawing on sheet of paper, and I thought of it. Like I really wanted to start this music thing for real and I needed a nickname. The pun with ATM was kinda cool… so I choose this nickname without any second thought… like now let’s get started. That was around 2 years ago I guess.

How did you first get into making music?

I always loved music and played a few instruments. But it was kinda frustrating to be by myself and I didn’t want to be in a group… I watched a friend of mine (Manaré) do his thing with Fruity Loops and after a couple of years I decided “Fuck it! I can do it too” and so I did.


What is your process when making a beat? Do you prefer sampling, or starting from scratch?

I always start with a sample, no matter what. Could be a drum break or just a small piece of blurred chord. I need something to build on. Sometimes I remove it afterward once the track is done.

You never really starting from scratch tho, like even stock drums are basically samples. I just choose the ones which have a real story and soul to them, not some software stuff.

It’s apparent through your music that you are a big fan of that classic Dirty South sound, with the likes of UGK and Three Six Mafia. Tell us a bit more about your musical influences. 

Yep ! I started listening to rap seriously with the South, especially Texas rap and then more Atlanta with T.I., Young Jeezy etc… when I started producing. I also got into my East Coast and Detroit moment after that. Now I don’t really listen to the same things anymore. The Houston scene is not what it used to be… it pretty much collapsed. It would be stupid to still be locked on it. I’m really into the actual Los Angeles & Atlanta scenes they’re the most diversified and impactfull ones for me today.

There’s a real energy around French beatmakers at the minute, especially in Paris, with the likes of Stwo, Myth Syzer, Jimmy Whoo… What’s your take on this new resurgence of talent coming from the capital?

It’s obviously a great thing! This whole Grande Ville Records family. They motivate me. Before meeting them I wasn’t even thinking about releasing a project. They showed me I could do it for real. They have a real approach to music, it helped me a lot. And i’m glad other french producers like Stwo get noticed and respected, it brings more light and exposure to all of us.

grande ville 8TM photo

Describe your beats in 5 words.

I can’t do this question ahaha!

Aight, fair enough… So you came onto the scene with your “Real Estate” EP about a year ago, what’s next for 8TM? What are you working on at the minute?

Mmmh I took a break after my last project (Smell my Cologne). I was getting deeper into the whole deejaying thing and needed to look back at what I was doing at the time. I’m now back on track currently working on several small projects, mostly by myself. Got some official remixes coming too!

And how did you end up linking up with Joey Fatts?

It was Pure Baking Soda who introduced us to each other on Twitter, and I ended up sending him some beats. That’s pretty much it. 


Dream collaboration?

I always thougt about making music with huge pop singers like Beyoncé, Rihanna etc… if i had the chance to.

But for now I just want to be able to meet & work with the rappers I’m listenning to at the moment. Like Johnny Cinco & Jimmy Johnson.

If you could be a cartoon character, who would it be?mr-burns-resized-p1

I’ll be Mr Burns, from the Simpsons. Always plotting, being evil, alone & shit ahah!

Shoutouts to Mr Burns. So any final words?

I wanna thank my friends, my family and anyone who has some interest in my music. This is why I keep doing it!

Much love to 8TM for taking the time to chat to us, make sure you peep his music on his Soundcloud and be sure to watch this space as we have a little treat for you coming real soon.



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