Introducing – DanielOG

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I first got introduced to young London creative talent DanielOG a few years ago by the homies Fresh Habits, when he was helping them out on a few projects. Since then DanielOG has kept his interest in fashion and streetwear intact, but his efforts have been redirected towards making music, releasing his debut project ‘Art Attack‘ last year.

Boasting a wide array of production styles and eclectic influences, it’s clear from hearing the young London mc spit he doesn’t lack in confidence, and he’s got a real creative vision and aesthetic along with his Neverland Clan comrades. Starting the year off strong with a fire new video for his smooth banger ‘Plan’ in which he boasts about his future, and how…

She’s only with me coz she knows that I’m the man. She’s only with me coz she knows I’ve got a plan.

The jam has already done the rounds online thanks to a Skepta cosign. Thoroughly deserved if you ask me. It’s been on repeat all day long

It’s always a pleasure seeing you talent such as DanielOG start gaining recognition for what they do. And trust me when I say this is only the beginning. Big things coming from this one in 2016. Best believe that.

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