Introducing – Minor Deity


Introducing South London sibling duo Minor Deity and their deliciously twangy DIY gems. Jobo and Ke T.F.H grew up in a musical household in Lewisham, Ke plays the Cello, Jobo the guitar, and their younger brother Moses Boyd (who plays drums on their debut track) has just gone and bagged himself a MOBO.

‘6 Feet Deep’ was inspired by a friend of a friends Ayahuasca trip, in which he had a conversation with the devil who told him to leave his girlfriend. Trust Beelzebub to get in the way of love. Ke and Jobo bounce back and forth over a crispy backbone of a beat, hazily layered with a melting pot of harmonies, reverb’full strums, and even a cheeky guitar solo towards the end – we don’t see enough of those anymore.

Minor Deity plan to release a song a month for the forseable future, so keep your eyes peeled for more sonic nuggets from the promising duo.

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