Introducing – Tourist Dollars


A little while back I fell upon the smooth and sultry gems from Australian trio Redspencer, most notably their delicious track ‘Ride It Out’, which even made it into our Part Time Playlist #11 – the music blog equivalent of an Oscar and a Grammy, melted into one.

I was recently happy to discover that the Redspencer boys had started a new side project. Introducing Tourist Dollars, who have come out of the gates with a delightfully dreamy number in ‘End Of Times’. It has all the warmth and twangy reverb-full fuzz of a 50’s ballad, played in a 70’s style reminiscent of Dire Straits in some parts. The chorus is as enchanting and catchy as any I’ve heard this year, which makes it difficult not to press the repeat button continuously once the track is over.

Tourist Dollars is the name kids, and I sure am looking forward to their debut EP dropping early next year. Until then, feast your ears on this tasty sonic nugget.

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