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North Carolina rapper Lute caught our attention a little earlier this year with his solid mixtape ‘West 1996‘, which in our opinion is one of the best hip-hop mixtapes of the year, without a shadow of a doubt.

He then went on to feature on a few jam’s from his crew’s release: Forever Fc – 704, spitting some real flows, notably on the huge “FUNeral“, which is a personal favourite of ours.

As humble and real a guy as he is an artist, we are proud to present to you our exclusive interview with the man they call Lute, coming straight out of Charlotte, North Carolina. A real promising talent on the come up in this hip hop game.

Whatsup Lute? To start things off, when did you first start rapping and how did you get into it? 

What’s going on bruh! Finally doing this! (laughs) I got into rapping when I was around 7 or 8. Like I always say, my parents are a lot older than my friends parents, so I was introduced to it a lil later down the road, when my brother went to the military. He told me to look after his cd’s… it was like a treasure chest of hip-hop, coming from a kid who was only listening to music from the 50’s an folk blues.

How was it growing up in Charlotte and how is the hip-hop scene out there?

Depending on the hand you was dealt it can get rough at times. I’ve seen a lot, been through struggles… Here you start at the bottom which makes the top that much sweeter when you get to it. The hip hop scene was very thin growing up; the music wasn’t getting the respect it deserved and it’s a hard crowd to please even being from here. But there where local legends i looked up too like Royal-Tee, 9-Mill etc… But there is a lot of talent here.

What are your inspirations when writing?

Everyday living man. I structure my verses in the order where i tell you what it should be, how it could be, and how it really is. I give people something they can relate to, try to pin point things that bring back memories like “oh yeah i remember that” or “hell yeah it did used to be like that”. I don’t smoke so every thing i spit is sober thoughts. Not saying people who smoke to write don’t make real shit.

Describe your music in 5 words.

haha! THE… REALEST… SHIT… EVER… BRUH ! (laughs)

Your mixtape West1996 is a real favourite here at Part Time Wizards, it brings out some classic old school flows with a refreshing twist and a real storytelling narrative. Explain the project for our readers.

West 1996 was a project to give the outside world our aspect of hip-hop. It was to give you our point of view, so you know our story. Yet in the same sense pay homage to what started it all for us, and show that Charlotte too could birth the culture (shout out to my boy Marc Prosper for the cover)

You recently released a collective mixtape “704” with your crew ‘Forever FC‘. Tell us about you guys. Whats the idea behind the crew ?

aaahh the Forever FC crew… my brothers. The FC crew consist of Schyler Chaise, Ry, Jimmy Kelso and myself. The name Fc was actually given by Schyler Chaise, we are all fans of the XXL freshman class cover and it was one issue where he was like “all 3 of us will be on this cover in the up coming years”. Ry was in school at the time, Ry just started rapping this year for those who dont know (laughs)… so yeah,  FC stands for freshmen class.

Who would be your dream artist(s) to collaborate with?

Man theres a few, Big K.R.I.T, Anthony Hamilton, J-Cole, King Mez, Project Pat, and most of all Andre 3000.

Any up and coming artists that you’re listening to these days?

Yeah I listen to a lot, even here in my city, but I listen to Makeda (the red fox), 3rd eye, Straight Drop, frVs , Surfer Gang, Royal-Tee, Luca Brazy… I’m leaving out a few but those are people here in my city I listen to. But up and coming artist out there; A$AP, Stevie Crooks, Nipsey Hussle, Chief Keef …I’m leaving out few here also, but my ears are open…always.

Whats next for Lute?

Man this next project I’m working on…and moving towards quitting my nine to five (laughs), so i have more time to make this music. Bigger shows, traveling and networking man. But my next project will be all original and 10 times better than 96

Final words?

I just wanna thank you guys for being patient with me! I wanna thank those who listen to the music and actually get something out of it. Shout out my city Charlotte, North Carolina and every one who is on the same path grinding to live out there dreams. Be sure to stop by R.I.P to the homie zack… Westside we out.


Make sure your download Lute’s mixtape “West 1996″ here and Forever Fc’s mixtape “704” here.

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