Myth Syzer – Interview

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French beatmaker Myth Syzer has been making a lot of noise in his home country’s Hip-Hop scene and has recently acquired a wider, more global audience, no little thanks to Harlem rapper Perrion with whom he has collaborated on his latest mixtape “From Paris With Love.

Myth Syzer is known for his trademark beats, which range from jazz influenced, chill wave instrumentals, to some more hard hitting futuristic jams.

So we decided to find out more about the man behind the music and caught up with the Myth himself for a little chat. Here is how it went. 

How did making beats come about for you?

It’s been 7 years since I’ve have started making beats. I love music and I had to do something bigger for music so I started makin’ beats. 

Besides J-Dilla and Flying Lotus, who are some of your influences?

Madlib, Samiyam, Knxwledge and Shlohmo. 

Describe your beats/instrumentals in 5 words.

Atmospheric, Dynamic, DownTempo, Tripy, Sub. 

What inspires you to make a beat? (Music or other)

Just life man, the dissection of my brain. 

If you could choose one of your songs for someone to hear which one would it be and why?

Luther Burger is one of my favorite beats. I love this beat man! And my Bro Joke killed the joint! I made this beat in 2008. I love the spirit of the beat. Jazzy atmosphere, simple beat, two different samples. I can play this beat all day, errday!

Explain what “Bon Gamin” is for our readers. 

Bon Gamin is my french crew. Got a lot of my real people in this gang, some are Emcee’s (Loveni &Ichon), Painters (RDLS), Video Makers (Oh Gamin!) and the rest is just the family man.

What’s your take on the Hip-Hop scene in France right now?

The Cool Connexion & Joke. Best new French artist for me.

What would your dream collaboration be? 

J Dilla, Bootsy Collins, Marvin Gaye, Questlove. 

You collaborated with Perrion on his FPWL mixtape. Any plans on working with him again in the future?

Yeah, for sure! Perrion is a fantastic Emcee. He’s My Real G.

What does the future hold for Myth Syzer? 

Signed to a big label like Stonesthrow! Many many shows around the world man! Haha! And drop a solo album. 

Any final words? 

Thanks Part Time Wizards for the love. Bless. Music is our life, I have to make beast music for a better life for y’all. And rip jay dee. 

Make sure you check out Myth Syzer’s latest EP above and all his previous releases right here !

Download Perrion X Myth Syzer mixtape “From Paris With Love” here !

You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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