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Perrion (From Perry With Love)

Young Harlem rapper Perrion caught our attention a while back with his second release “Le Burgeon”, but it was when we heard “Circuit Breaker” that we realized he was something different. His love for chillwave beats and his ability to rap over them with ease caught us by surprise and his progression since then has been a joy to behold.

Having just released his latest mixtape “From Paris With Love” with French beatmaker Myth Syzer, the young rapper is on the rise and has to be featured amongst the “ones to watch” in the hip hop scene right now.

We caught up with Perrion to ask him a few questions. Here is how it went.

When did you start rapping and what inspired you?

I started rapping around the age of 8. My brother, Microphone Preview would rap and I would beat box over his raps and it eventually lead me to start writing myself. My dad was also really big on Hip Hop and played it a lot around us so we grew up listening to it and got an ear for it at an early age.

When did it become a full time occupation?

Haha! Rapping became a full time occupation when I lost my job at a skate shop here in NYC. I started doing videos and blowing up online and that’s when Poyz&Pirlz snatched me and Myth Syzer up to collab’ on the album and flew me out to Paris. I had all the time I needed to get From Paris With Love done and go to France so it all worked out pretty well.

I heard you were signed to Universal at a very young age? How did that come about and why did it not work out?
It was around 12 or 13. My brother actually got it from battling rappers around Harlem. We would go out together battling people with the name Harlem Envy (A crew my brother started with the homies). We were known for killin’ rappers around town and my brother was the best at what he did so he got his name up. He’s an OG. But word got around and this barber named Geeda that used to cut our hair also cut hair for big time rappers and dudes in the industry introduced us to this A&R, Ron, who passed away (Rest in peace). He liked what he heard from the demo that my brother and I recorded and took us to the label. They also liked what they heard and the rest was history. Sylvia Rhome is now in charge and took over Universal, which lead us to getting dropped from the label, along with Kedar who signed us. It’s all gravy though.

Are you determined to stay independent or could you sign for a major again?

As of now, I’m not really looking to be signed. Nowadays you don’t really need a major label to get where you need to be. I’m fine with being an underground artist right now. I can generate more money with my own label if I stay consistent so I’m good.

Who and what are your main influences (music and other)? 

I grew up listening to a lot of BIG and Jay-Z. I’m also a really big Kanye West fan. My brother really influenced me a lot. Just watching him grind and being in the studio everyday at one point before he decided to settle down really rubbed of on me (pause). I get a little inspiration from my crew also. HOME team is packed with dope ass rappers like S’natra, Will Hill, and the incredibly talented MSTR Thomas. Be on the look out for us all.

How did the chillwave/electro vibe make its way into your music?

I picked up chillwave from when I lived in Atlanta. My homie Modou AKA Dookie put me on to all the shit I’ve been listening to and as I got into the genre, I picked up some more dope chillwave artist that I like myself. We would just be chillin’, smoking blunts, or in the whip on the way to go skate and he’d be blasting it, and I always told him I wanted to do a mixtape with them because it’s dope and no rappers are really on it. I thought it would be a really dope tape and it worked out just fine.

The ASAP crew have blown up out of proportion in recent times. What is your affiliation with them and how did that come about?
Hell yes. I actually grew up with ASAP Ferg. He was part of the crew Harlem Envy I mentioned earlier. I met Rocky through him when I came back to NY last summer from ATL. When I lived there I produced a lot and sent some beats to Ferg. He used one of the beats I sent him for a song called Meagan Good with Rocky on it. Rocky heard the beat I sent and was really interested in some so when I met him I talked to him about sending some beats. I was actually supposed to have a beat on the Live Love ASAP tape but I didn’t have my mac in the city with me until later. But when I sent him a couple beats he loved them and wanted more. He hit my phone up telling me the beats I sent him were dope and I asked him to let me open up for him in ATL. He replied, “iight bet, trill shit” and that was that.

How was it opening for him ?

It was cool. It took a while for the crowd to warm up for me and I even had some hatin’ ass niggas in the back booing, but then I put on turn of the tide and they shut the fuck up. I also did a little acapella to show them I wasn’t a bird and I could spit and mentioned I’m going to be the best rapper in about 3 years and they went nuts. So it turned out to be a cool ass show.

How did the Myth Syzer collaborations come about?

The homie Pol from Poyz&Pirlz who found me on Hypetrak hooked me and Myth up together for the mixtape. It was dope because he hit me up on twitter and gave Myth my email to send some beats and Myth sent me the beat for Gettin’ It. I went nuts when I heard it and went straight to work. When I sent them the track for Gettin’ It back, they loved it, so then Myth sent me like 30 beats that were all FIRE, and I finished the whole mixtape in less than a month. The chemistry between me and Myth is amazing. He’s like the producer I never had but always needed because his beats compliment my flow so well. I would chat with them via Skype and Facebook and we just became cool. When they flew me out to Paris, I stayed at Myth’s house and we became like brothers. I love that kid yo, no homo. He’s actually apart of HOME team now as an in house producer.

Describe the FPWL mixtape for our readers.

FPWL is an amazing mixtape bought to you by a really good rapper from Harlem who talks about everyday shit that he goes through and a genius producer from France who both have a really good ear for Hip Hop and compliment each other so well when it comes to making dope classic Hip Hop. They are both very talented and have ‘grosse bite’ swag so download the tape and you will become a huge fan. That is all.

New artists you like and listen to?

I’m a big ASAP Rocky fan even though I know him, my homie SpaceGhost Purrp, The Illusion, Slim Dollars, Black Dave, everyone in HOME team such as Microphone Preview, S’natra, Will Hill, MSTR Thomas, and 700. I pretty much know all the new upcoming artists that I listen to.

Upcoming projects? What’s next for Perrion? 

Well after you see all the dope visuals that we are working on for FPWL, I’m dropping another tape called Rocket Science which is dope because you finally get to hear more dope production from myself again as well as Myth Syzer, MSTR Thomas, Benson Graves, and Ace MO to name a few. You already know its going to be a banger. I already have a couple of tracks done that no one has heard yet. They’ve just been in the stash.

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