PREMIERE: Home Clouds – Secret Life EP


I first laid my ears on the sultry smooth indie pop sounds of Winchester outfit Home Clouds about a year ago with their tasty debut track ‘Daydream’, which garnered them some attention around the blogosphere and the budding psych, garage, surf, whatchamacallit’ scene. They’ve been keeping things under wraps since then, only releasing one track with the good folk over at Beech Coma.

I’m happy to announce they are now back in the swing off things with a delicious EP and some visuals to match. ‘Secret Life’ is a four track effort which perfectly captures the essence of what Home Clouds are about: hauntingly subdued vocals smoothly layered onto shoegaze infused riffs, and a thumping backbone of a beat. The lot colliding and merging into a crisp and crunchy soundbite, which I can only imagine must sound even more raw and captivating live.

The EP is all about uncertainty and anxiety towards the future and about the weight of self doubt. Each song is about trying to convince myself to move forward with my life and get out of constant stagnation.

Says Jimmie (lead singer) about the record. All in all a real solid effort from the Home Cloud boys, who are set to release a limited batch of ‘Secret Life’ tapes for Cassette Store Day via Citrus City Records. So don’t be a mug Gary, and grab them while they’re still hot. You won’t regret it. Honest.

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