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I first laid my ears on the sonic smoothness produced by young beatsmith wizard Savon Tillman, better known under his musical moniker Savon, a while back and was captivated by his palpable affinity for musicality, which was only further cemented when he dropped his stunning “Always & Forever” EP via the strong AGO collective.

If you’ve been following Part Time Wizards for a minute, you’ll know it’s no secret we love great beatmaking, and Savon most definitely falls into that category. So I wanted to get to know the kid behind the music a little more, and caught up with him for chat. Here’s how it went down.

First off, the classic cheesy cliche question, where does the musical moniker come from?

Its my birth name actually, (Say-von) is how you pronounce it, a lot of people say it wrong but its all good (laughs).

So not like ‘soap’ in French, got it! How did you first get into music? And what drove you to producing in particular?

When I was younger, I always loved the beats to whatever I was listening to because I could barely understand the lyrics, so I downloaded FL studio when I was 12, and have been using it ever since.


It always starts with good old Fruity Loops! What are your first musical memories?

I would make the simplest beats back when I first got FL and my cousin would freestyle over them, for decades (laughs)…

So how did you first link up with AGO? Tell us a little more about the collective. The roster is heavy!

We’re all from the same hometown, and I went out to Orlando for vacation back in 2013 and apparently brandon (The SEVENth) lived out there at the time, so we linked up for the first time and shared music way before I got down. Around last year or so Kai (Sango) DM’d me on Twitter asking if I was working on something and asked if I wanted to release the ‘Always & Forever‘ through the AGO band camp… after that I pretty much got down with AGO. These are a great group of guys man, so much talent in one collective. The thing I like most about AGO is everyone brings something different to the table. We have BIG plans this upcoming year, stay tuned y’all!

Your EP ‘Always & Forever‘ was super well received, and rightly so! Tell us more about the project.

Thanks man! This project was a huge turn around for me because I felt like my first EP was just rushed and no one even knew about it. This time I took things more seriously and focused on creating a feeling with this project, and it represents how I felt during the time of making it.


How do you feel your sound has evolved since then? 

I feel like my sound has evolved since because I find myself making brighter music now that my life has turned around for the better… and from studying and listening to music pulling influence from just about anything that I listen to, made me form into a better artist than I was before, progression is a great feeling man.

savon tillman ptwDescribe your sound in 5 words.

Relaxed, Emotional, Weird, Simplistic, Distinctive.

Dream collaboration?

I someday hope to work with PartyNextDoor, great artist.

I read you have a special affinity for croissants, care to elaborate?

Haha yes! Whoever invented the croissant, I would like to find them, shake his/her hand and take them out to dinner, for making this world a better place, just know…

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?

Man, this was by far the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer but I’m going to say I would be Naruto, he was a real one. 

What’s next for SAVON? 

EP coming this year and who knows, I might be in your city soon lol…

Final words?

Be You…bless

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Much love to the homie Savon for taking the time to chat with us, and bigups to the whole AGO collective for nurturing such great talent. Be on the lookout for a little surprise from Savon x Part Time Wizards coming real soon.

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