Will Samson – Ground Luminosity


Brighton based ambient songsmith Will Samson is set to release his new record ‘Ground Luminosity‘ on October 30th via Talitres, and if you’re already familiar with Will‘s delicately subtle electronic infused ballads, don’t be all smug and think you know what to expect. Because you don’t Gary!? Alright?!

With this new record Will Samson dives deeper into the electronic soundscape and pushes the beats and bass to the forefront of his delicious melting pot of sounds.

I felt that this is something that can get lost amongst quiet, ambient sets – so I wanted to explore this middle ground. Since drums were the only instrument I had lessons for, I would spend many endless hours editing the tiniest little details of clicks and thumps, which became an almost zen-like process.

I’ve had the privilege to listen to ‘Ground Luminosity‘ in its entirety and it’s a real treat. A truly well crafted body of work that captivates you from the very first song, “Tumble” which beautifully layers and builds on a softly picked guitar with a crisp thumping backbone of a beat, hazy clicks and clacks, and some majestic strings to top it all off.

It’s a real daydream of a record, which will have you floating through the clouds on a fluffy dragon, not the kind that spits out fire, but whistles through the air. Alright I might have gotten a little carried away there with the description, forgive me, but once you hear ‘Ground Luminosity‘ you might very well do the same.

In the meantime, check out the aforementioned “Tumble” below, and be sure to grab a copy of Will Samson‘s new record on the 30th of October if you dig what you hear. Big things coming his way. Believe that.

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