Xul Zolar – Tides


Mystical electronic infused trio Xul Zolar are readying themselves for the release of their second EP ‘Tides’ which will drop October 16th via their own label and ASMARA Records – a partnership with Jakarta Records founder Malte Kraus, who also happens to be their manager.

Composed of Ronald Röttel, Marin Geier and Dennis Hofmann, the German outfit produce an interesting blend of captivating, atmospheric, tribal influenced ballads, resulting in a real sonic melting pot of goodness. Their musical moniker Xul Zolar is an homage to the Argentinian surrealist painter who went under that same pseudonym. 

The title track from their up and coming EP ‘Tides’ is a powerful and thrilling crescendo, which will have you in a swirling tornado of haunted harmonies, thumping drums and dreamy sounds. I sure am looking forward to hearing the full record, and strongly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for more from Xul Zolar if you dig what you hear below, as these boys are destined for greater things. Believe that.

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